Healthy and to the Point.

Here’s a meal that’s pretty much protein and empty fillers with seaweed and green onion. It’s another one of those “foundation” meals where you can slap whatever else to accompany the block of tofu – eat it with noodles or rice (or by itself like I do), add a meat, some blanched and julienned veggies or whatever the hell you want and you’re set!

Pictured above is baked tofu (cut into cubes, bake at 400 for about 15 min.) on a bed of seaweed. I’ve also microwaved the tofu when I’m being super lazy. The tofu will expel a lot of water as you heat it so make sure to use a lipped bowl or tray and pad it up with a towel before putting your dish together.

Here’s the seaweed I used – I got it at a Korean market:
There are a bunch of different brands so just know that it should look like this up close:

Soak a tiny handful in hot water for about five minutes. It’s pretty bland, as is the tofu by itself, so make sure you have flavorful sauces ready to go – I’ve used plain just soy sauce, Sriracha, soba sauce and a mixture of soy sauce/rice vinegar/minced garlic/green onion.


One response to “Healthy and to the Point.”

  1. corinne! says :

    Baked tofu is my jam! If you press it using paper towels and two heavy plates before you cook it, it changes the texture quite a bit.

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