Foundations – Polenta

To Polenta. You can be creamy and warm, cold and solid. Hmm, I don’t like where this is going. ANYWAYYYYS. Sunday I made a bunch of polenta and it’s lasting me all week. It’s cheap from bulk bins and takes very little time and effort to make. I find that it also heats really well in the ol’ lazy machine – the microwave. One of the nice things about polenta is that you could add whatever the hell topping you want. I caramelized an onion with some crimini mushrooms, garlic and leftover kale stems (the kale was weird but I wanted to use up whatever I had in the refrigerator). I once made this same topping minus the kale and with roasted cherry tomatoes instead and that was delicious.

Polenta – I doubled this simple recipe from Epicurious. Once the polenta thickened I added about a cup of milk, bit by bit, so it’d be extra creamy, and mixed in about a half cup of parmesan at the end. Add more salt if you’re not afraid of high blood pressure.


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