Jajangmyun – Korean/Chinese Black Bean Sauce Noodle

There are a few places that I know of in San Francisco that sells this delicious, shirt-staining-from-the-sauce-splatters dish: San Tung, So and Zazang Korean Noodle. Try it at one of these places if you have no idea what this dish is – they all make theirs a bit differently but you’ll get the gist. Then you can make it at home!

First, you need black bean sauce from any Korean market.

Second, you need noodles that are a bit thicker than ramen but skinnier than udon. Golden Produce on Church and Market sells these bags of fresh noodles.

Now you’re ready for the other stuff:
1 Onion, diced
1 Carrot, diced
1-2 Zucchini, diced
Julienned cucumber for topping
2 tbspn Corn Starch mixed with 2 tbspn warm water
2 tsp Sugar mixed with 1 cup water
5 tbspn Black Bean Sauce

– Use a large sauce pan to saute black bean sauce in some olive oil for a about 3 minutes until it gets thicker
– Add carrots, onions, zucchini and saute until ingredients combine and the veggies are almost cooked
– Add sugar/water and let ingredients combine a bit further
– Add corn starch/water to thicken the sauce
– Simmer sauce to thicken- add a bit of water if it gets too thick or more corn starch if it’s too runny
– Boil noodles, add to a bowl, top with sauce and cucumber

I added some tofu to mine to get some protein and to make it vegetarian. You should add diced pork and shrimp to yours to make it meaty and amazing -just saute this separately and add with the onions.


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