Spätzle – This is not healthy.

How else is my vegetarian fiance going to get his protein but through cheese and butter? And since we’re trying to get in wedding shape, what better way to do this than a heaping plate of this cheesy dumplings?

This recipe is courtesy of andreasrecipes.com. I ended up doubling everything and using one-and-a-half blocks of cheese – Jarsberg and a gruyere. This dish is surprisingly easy to make with the help of the handy spätzle tool I got from Amazon. Just make sure you let the batter rest before using it up. The sweetness from the caramelized onions really ties the dish together so don’ t skimp!

The salad is just fresh arugula and beets with a simple dressing of salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and minced garlic. Here are some beet cooking tips-

  • Buy beets of about the same size for even cooking time
  • Rinse and dunk in a pot of water and turn the stove on high
  • Keep the lid off and boil until you can get through it easily with a knife or fork, about 40 minutes
  • Peel the skin off with your fingers under cool running water

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